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Every week, Aquarelle offers exceptional deals so you can send flowers to someone in Germany without breaking the bank!

Product pictured : €37.00

Our delicious rochers!
Our delicious rochers in a 300g or 570g ballotin, so you get more chocolates for an irrestistible price. Our rochers are now covered in mouth-watering Ecuador chocolate and will be accompanied by a pretty bouquet of 15 multi-coloured roses to make an unforgettable gift!

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Product pictured : €35.00
Japanese Garden

From €35.00

Ambiance zen et gourmandises offertes !
This miniature tree is a natural work of art. With it's stylish plant pot, it will create a veritable zen Japanese garden in your home. It needs plenty of light and should be watered regularly. It will thrive best if kept outside during the summer months, but away from direct sunlight.

A free sachet of delicious chocolate treats will be sent with your bonsai!
6 year old bonsai: Height 25 cm including pot

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From €35.00

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