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Flowers & gifts for mum, dad and their new baby

Aquarelle offers a selection of gifts to delight mother, father and newborn baby. Magnificent bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates accompanied by adorable cuddly toys.

Product pictured : €51.50

For mother and baby...
For a new arrival, Aquarelle has thought of everything with this pretty bouquet of vibrant, colourful roses for the new mum, accompanied by an adorable, 10 cm high soft cuddly rabbit made by Doudou et Compagnie for baby.

38,50 €: 30 roses + a cuddly rabbit
43,50 €: 40 roses + a cuddly rabbit
48,50 €: 50 roses + a cuddly rabbit
53,50 €: 60 roses + a cuddly rabbit

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From €40.50

Product pictured : €69.00

A sumptously colourful bouquet and a cuddly rabbit!
This week, our florists chose the most vibrant colours to create a beautiful new bouquet of the prettiest seasonal flowers. Composed of gorgeous yellow and pink stem roses, mauve phlox and dazzling 'Solomio Elsi mini dianthus', a few pretty branches of asparagus lighten the overall effect. This warm, generous bouquet will light up your home with it's magnificent colours.
Aquarelle has chosen an irresistibly cuddly bunny (height 10 cm) with a blanket enclosed in a pretty box.

Bouquet height: 50 cm

69 €: A sumptous bouquet + a cuddly rabbit

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50 cm : €69.00

One price €69.00