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Exceptional Rochers
Exceptional Rochers

Exceptional Rochers

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Product description
A touch of exotic greenery in your home
This beautiful indoor palm, originally from the rainforests of America, is easy to maintain and needs very little light. As well as being highly decorative, it also purifies the air around it.

Height: 90 cm including pot
Instructions for care

How to care for a 'Chamaedorea' dwarf palm

  • Light: Keep in the light but not direct sunlight.
  • Temperature: Between 18 and 24°C.
  • Water: Water generously during the growth period, without leaving water to stagnate in the dish or holder. In winter, water less frequently and wait until the surface soil is dry to the touch before rewatering.
  • Fertiliser: Add fertiliser every two weeks from the beginning of spring to the autumn.
  • Repotting: Repot soon as the plant becomes cramped - every two or three years on average.