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Calamondin Orange Tree

Height: 40 cm including pot

Product pictured : 40 cm

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Product description
A taste of the Mediterranean!
For those of you looking for an original, stylish gift, has chosen this pretty calamondin. This miniature orange tree flowers practically all year round, bearing fruit the size of a mandarine orange and delicate, sweet-scented flowers. It will be happiest kept on a balcony ; it needs a plenty of light to trigger the flowering and fruit bearing cycles. It should be watered regularly, once a week, ensuring that the water does't flood the roots. Presented in a pretty zinc plant pot.

Height : 40 cm including pot.
Instructions for care
This magnificent Calamondin orange tree is very decorative when in flower, but also bears beautifully colourful little oranges in the winter
It can be easily grown indoors and flowers regularly throughout the year, particularly from March to June, with pretty, highly fragrant white flowers.

The following care tips will help your recipient enjoy this plant for as long as possible:
  • Indoors: Water regularly but not excessively as soon as the earth ball is dry. In winter, also avoid over-watering as this can suffocate the roots, which should never be left in stagnant water. Place it in a sunny spot but avoid direct sunlight at the hottest times of the day and do not place it close to a radiator.
  • Outside : From May to October, take advantage of the fine weather put your orange-tree outside in your garden or on your terrace or balcony, but avoid frost or draughts. Water it more frequently but still moderately, as excess water will cause the leaves to yellow and drop (although this can be reversed).